About us

portbannatynepetanque.org.uk are avid sports fans, who follow a large quantity of sports around the world. We believe that sport is a critical characteristic of every culture, and is one key way in which different communities and countries from around the world can unite and celebrate life together. Some of the fantastic work that is carried out by various organisations during the Olympics and Commonwealth games is a reflection on how important sport is in societies, cultures and on humanity in general. Sport can become a method of communication: both between different countries, and between different people within communities, as they produce shared interests. Popular phrases in football, for example, include “I’ll just let my feet do the talking” and “the language of football.” Sport - we believe - goes beyond language in terms of communication.

We work closely with communities, helping them maintain the level of interest required to keep a sport popular. In today’s western society, which seems to be dominated by technology and gadgets, playing sport seems to be declining in popularity. Portbannatynepetanque.org.uk are passionate about changing the perspectives of humans around the world - trying to encourage them to make playing sport the number one priority.

We love investigating previously unfamiliar sports, and educating the world in their history, rules and traditions. In doing so, we hope that our readers will be encouraged to start playing different games themselves, and form clubs and events to make these sports a key part of their lives. Portbannatynepetanque.org.uk host many events around the UK, where we talk to visitors and guests about sports that they may never have heard of – giving them a chance to play them with us. Why not try and join us at one of our events when it is advertised in your area?